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paisajismo electromagnético
Transdisciplinary artistic-research project in collaboration with Cristian Espinoza.
Parque Cultural de Valparaíso (PCdV) / Flora Ars + Natura  (taller)

Paisajismo Electromagnetico is an experimental cartography, a collection of maps, photographs, objects, videos and sound recordings from a series of field trips taken within Valparaíso; looking for clues in order to see and understand the region’s dark ecology. 

Dark Ecology is a term borrowed from the philosopher Timothy Morton, which considers the coexistence of the human and the non-human; something that our project specifically related to through the entanglement of industry: its technological and energetic infrastructure and its subsequent relationship with a landscape and its inhabitants. This entanglement generates conflicts that often remain invisible – the result of a material reality that is largely hidden and obscured. The project aimed to explore this by means of observation, mapping, and collection; alongside an interpretative assembly of the findings. 

The project was comprised of a series of guided walks and dialogues with local individuals and communities, visiting places such as the Laguna Verde thermoelectric plant, the biospheric reserve La Campana-Peñuelas, the so-called “sacrifice zone” of Quintero and Puchuncaví, the Natural Sanctuary Acantilados Federico Santa María, and the city of Valparaíso and its locality.