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cuerpxs radiantes

In collaboration with Rodrigo Ríos Zunino

ifa galerie | bienal de artes mediales 2021-2022 

Plants, minerals, water, and also objects from our technologically formed environments,the so-called technosphere, such as cables, metal frames, loudspeakers or monitors, are combined to form an entangled mechanism. In the process, various places, times and sensitivities come together (...) The different elements react with each other as energy bodies. They serve each other mutually as amplifiers and microphones, and thereby attain a new kind of perception and legibility. A quartz stone is wrapped with copper wire, becoming an antenna that enables us to hear spectra and voices. Plants become cables transmitting energy. As bio-indicators, their sensitivity for certain combinations tells us about how places are constituted-stinging nettles, for example, grow on deprived soils while their pain-killing effects hint at the possibilities to heal the human body and also the earth as a body. The technological and biological elements enter into a symbiosis that shows their complexity and sensitivity beyond their reduction to exploitable resources. In a kind of alchemistic communication,the different elements become tangible as sensitive bodies. Visitors can interact with these elements and feel themselves part of this communication system where technological,plant, and human forms of expression cross and combine to make a new world of connections and signs.

Curatorial text (excerpt) by Bettina Korintenberg, ifa Galerie Stuttgart -full text below-.